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  Vajreshwari Combines  
Best Film Award - Mrs. Parvathamma Rajkumar

Parvathamma rajkumar. The producer of the film, has won the best award for the film, which depicts how a rich man can learn to live the life of a poor man, as an eye opener to society.
Best Director

Outstanding performance in direction, effectively covering all the related aspects, has won him the award as the best director for this film.
  Krishna Kumar  
Best Cinematographer

Milana & Mathadu Mathadu Malliage
Best cinematographer touches in this films. Have won this award for Krishna kumar, and made for him unique position among camaraman.
Best Editor

Exemplary editorial craft in this film has no doubt won him this coveted award for the film Milana as the best editor.
  Guru Kiran  
Best Music Director

Extraordinary musical melodies have won for this prestigious award.
  Nagathihalli Chandrasekar  
Best Writer

Mathadu Mathadu Malliage
Being a powerful subject on the theme of natureís production and distribution, the film deserves the best story award. And it won it.
Best Comedy Actor

The hilarious comedy series in this movie have for komal the best comedian award for this film.
  K.S.L. Swamy ( Ravi )  
Best Supporting Actor

Danamma Devi
With the best performance, no doubt k.s.l.s swamy has bagged this coveted award.
Best Supporting Actress

Noted in all south Indian films sumithra has won the best supporting actress awards for this film.
  Baby Shrisha  
Best Child Artiste

Muggina Jade
This baby artiste wins the best child artiste award for acting in a beloved baby role whose desires are ideally by the parents.
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